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Generating confocal data from ideal signal

From left to right : ground truth (projected), mock confocal image (projected) and thresholded pixels. A large issue in image analysis is to make sure that the segmentation and analysis procedure does not create artifacts or misrepresents the data in … Continue reading

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Spindle analysis GUI

In the article “Spindle assembly on immobilized chromatin micropatterns”, we observe reconstituted meiosis spindles in live microscopy.¬†This our method generates a large set of data, with many spindles, the dynamics of which we want to quantify. For this, I developed … Continue reading

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Python utilities

I decided to upload¬†my most commonly used Python utilities to Github. : You’ll find there : Reading/writing array from/to file Running bash jobs from python and returning output File text cleanup and parsing And a bit more…

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