Spindle analysis GUI


In the article “Spindle assembly on immobilized chromatin micropatterns”, we observe reconstituted meiosis spindles in live microscopy. This our method generates a large set of data, with many spindles, the dynamics of which we want to quantify. For this, I developed a semi-automated analysis platform.

This platform allows the user to set the chromatin pattern center for an experiment, and then click each spindle pole. The data thus generated is analyzed. The mean-squared displacement is computed automatically as well as other statistical properties.

This code is extremely modular, and all steps of analysis are save in human-readable text files. This allows the user to have to run all steps of analysis independently, and advanced user to easily add more properties to analyze.

The code is now available : https://github.com/SergeDmi/SpinMaster

Features :

  • Image loading tools
  • GUI for image segmentation
  • Click to define regions and objects in the image
  • Object-oriented data saving
  • Many statistical functions

Future versions include spindle shape and profile analysis.

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