We’re hiring !

The lab “Cellular Spatial Organization”, Institut Jacques Monod, Paris, is looking to hire a postdoctoral fellow who will be mentored by Dr. Serge Dmitrieff. We aim at a physical understanding of how elements in the cell, such as the cytoskeleton, cell wall, etc. self-organize under mechanical constraints from their environment. The postdoc will be funded for 18 months with a possibility of extension.

Project :

The goal is to understand the mechanics of large scale cytoskeleton assemblies, a biological example of an active complex material made of semi-flexible polymer. To do that, we will collaborate with experts in all-atoms and coarse-grained simulations to develop a realistic mesoscopic model of cytoskeleton, improving existing numerical and analytical models. We will be able to test this mesoscopic model through collaboration with experimentalists.

Team :

The team “Cellular Spatial Organization” is an interdisciplinary team that hosts both theoreticians and experimentalists, and has gained a reputation on intracellular architecture and mechanics. We develop cutting-edge methods both experimental and theoretical. It is in an ideal scientific environment for a biophysicist, being located in a biology institute with a strong focus on experimental biophysics, and neighbour to an experimental and theoretical physics institute. It is also conveniently located inside Paris at the intersection of several public transport networks.

Profile :

A PhD in physics, applied mathematics, or computational biology is strongly preferable. Publications in peer-reviewed journals are desirable.

Application :

Send a CV and a cover letter to serge [dot] dmitrieff [_AT_] ijm [dot] fr

Fig. 1 : Simulations of actin in Yeast endocytosis.
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