About me

I am Serge Dmitrieff, researcher in the Cellular spatial organization group, Institut Jacques Monod (Paris).

I studied biology as an undergraduate student, but I realized I wanted to learn theoretical tools in order to gain a quantitative understanding of life sciences. Upon entering École Normale Supérieure (Paris), I thus switched to theoretical physics.

I used theoretical tools to study membrane trafficking in mammalian cells during my PhD in ESPCI, with Pierre Sens.

During my PostDoc with François Nédélec, I continued working on membrane deformation, but also got interested in cytoskeleton mechanics in cellular deformation. I also used my theoretical background to develop several analysis tools.

This experience in EMBL allowed me to work efficiently at the interface between theory and experiments. I had the opportunity to work on several projects in close collaboration with experimentalist, and I used a great variety of tools for that : analytical mechanics, active gel theory, image analysis, and Langevin simulations…

Since then, I joined Nicolas Minc’s lab in Institut Jacques Monod (Paris), to use theory and analysis in order to understand the mechanics and self-organization properties of the living matter. I was awarded the “CNRS Momentum” funding, allowing me to independently lead my own research.

Curriculum :